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Words That Heal the Blues


Words That Heal the Blues

Who This Book is For:
50% of all Americans will experience a mental or emotional disorder sometime during their lives.
The US Surgeon General: The State of the Nation's Mental Health, 1999

As with my previous book Healing from Depression, Words That Heal the Blues grew out of my personal experience as a depression survivor as well as my clinical work in facilitating depression and anxiety support groups. Although the affirmations and meditations in this book target those who suffer from depressive illnesses, I have found that they can be used by virtually anyone who is struggling with a mental or emotional disorder. This includes a great many people.

According to the surgeon general in the 1999 publication, "The State of the Nation's Mental Health," 22% of all Americans suffer a mental or emotional disorder in any given year, and half of all Americans are afflicted over the course of a lifetime. The surgeon general defined mental disorders as "health conditions marked by alterations in thinking, mood or behavior that cause distress or impair a person's ability to function."

These conditions include:

  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • panic attacks
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • attention deficit disorder
  • alcoholism
  • drug addiction
  • eating disorder
  • phobias
  • schizophrenia

Moreover, the self-care strategies outlined in the daily lessons can help you to deal with the following "situational stressors":

  • problems with health
  • a work or financial crisis
  • grief over the loss of a loved one
  • the ending or beginning a relationship
  • going through a period of transition

Thus, whether you are suffering from a mental/emotional disorder or are facing a difficult challenge, the practical coping strategies outlined in this book can make a positive difference in your life. I wish you the best on your healing journey.


Table of Contents

Who This Book is For
Introduction: How to Use This Book
The Three Pillars of Mental Health Recovery
Affirmations: Their Role in Uplifting Your Mood

Introducing the Daily Lessons

Day 1: Setting the Intention to Heal
Day 2: Reaching Out for Support
Day 3: One Day at a Time
Day 4: Physical Self-Care: The Starting Point of Recovery
Day 5: Your Body Was Made to Move
Day 6: Taking the Time to Breathe
Day 7: Making Your Mind Your Friend
Day 8: Accentuate the Positive
Day 9: Blessings in Disguise
Day 10: An Attitude of Gratitude
Day 11: The Self-Talk Solution
Day 12: Taming the Inner Critic
Day 13: Self-Forgiveness
Day 14: Letting Go of Shame
Day 15: Bearing the Unbearable Pain
Day 16: The Healing Power of Light and Sound
Day 17: Moving Through Grief
Day 18: The Benefits of Employment
Day 19: Bringing Pleasure Into My Life
Day 20: Managing Stress Through the Relaxation Response
Day 21: Reducing Anxiety
Day 22: He Who Laughs, Lasts
Day 23: The Power of Self-Esteem
Day 24: Accepting Change
Day 25: Don't Give Up 5 Minutes Before the Miracle
Day 26: You Have the Power
Day 27: Finding Purpose and Meaning
Day 28: Persistence
Day 29: Breaking Down to Break Through
Day 30: Relapse Prevention
Day 31: The Joy of Service

Appendix A: Am I Okay? An Overview of Mental and Emotional Disorders
Appendix B: Sample Affirmations For Everyday Use
Love and Relationships
Spiritual Development.
Appendix C: How to Create A Vision of Wellness

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