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Healing From Depression and Anxiety Retreat

April 25 - 27 Douglas Bloch
Healing from Depression and Anxiety
A Body, Mind and Spirit Recovery Program

This program is designed for those individuals who are experiencing (or have experienced) the symptoms of depression, anxiety or manic depression. In assisting with depression and anxiety, a holistic approach is employed including physical and mental-emotional self-care, social support, spiritual connection and lifestyle habits. You can use this “better mood recovery program” to stabilize your mood, increase your energy and achieve a high degree of emotional well-being. In addition, you will develop the skill of relapse prevention—learning to identify and respond to stressors and triggers so that emotional stability can be maintained.

The seminar format combines talks, handouts, questions and answers, experiential processes and group discussion. You will also benefit by being in a support group where others who understand and are dealing with the same issues validate your experiences.

Douglas Bloch, MA, an author, teacher and counselor, writes and speaks on psychology, healing and spirituality. He earned his MA in Counseling from University of Oregon and is the author of ten books including the acclaimed book on overcoming depression, Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood. Douglas resides in Portland where he and his partner Joan facilitate healing from depression and anxiety support groups.

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