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Healing From Depression


Healing From DepressionIn the fall of 1996, author and counselor Douglas Bloch suffered an adverse reaction to an anti-depressant that plummeted him into a major depressive episode. For the next ten months, he was assailed by out-of-control anxiety attacks that alternated with dark, suicidal depressions. Each day felt like an eternity as he struggled to stay alive in the face of overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair.

In this groundbreaking book, self-help author Douglas Bloch shares his struggle with and ultimate recovery from a life-threatening depressive illness. He offers a practical "survival plan" for living in hell-which he adopted until a group of committed, loving people held a vision of his recovery which lead to a spiritual healing.

In addition to the personal narrative, the second half of the book contains Douglas's "Better Mood Recovery Program"--a five-part comprehensive program for treating depression and anxiety through a holistic approach that includes diet, nutrition, exercise, social support, attitudinal healing, prayer, meditation and relaxation techniques. The program offers a week-by-week plan with worksheets and goal sheets to customize your recovery. Moreover, the book's appendix contains an extensive catalog of Internet sites offering up-to-date information on treating mood disorders and addictions.

Patients and clinicians alike are already calling this informative and compassionate work "a lifeline to healing."


What others are saying about this book...

“Douglas Bloch has written a triumphant, poignant account of his successful battle with a depression which nearly took his life. This book is an important and valuable contribution to the millions of people who suffer from depression and to the doctors who treat them.”
-Larry Dossey, M.D., author of "Reinventing Medicine"

“Healing From Depression'' is much more than one man's journey. It is a powerful contribution to anyone seeking help for themselves or someone they love.”
-Mary Manin Morrissey, author of "Building Your Field of Dreams"

“This book is filled with important ideas and information that are essential to anyone on the road to healing from anxiety or depression.”
-Mary Ellen Copeland, author of "The Depression Workbook"

“Douglas Bloch exhibits the traits of a true survivor. The techniques he used to recover from depression can be used by others who are struggling to overcome a difficult ordeal. A rare accomplishment.”
-Al Siebert, Ph.D., author of "The Survivor Personality"

Part One - When Going Through Hell... Don't Stop!
A Survivor's Tale of Overcoming Clinical Depression

1. The Descent into Hell - 1
2.There Is No Room at The Inn - 19
3.Treading Fire - 27
4.Madness or Suicide, It's Yours to Decide - 51
5.Bearing the Unbearable Pain - 65
6.Overcoming the Stigma of Depression - 71
7.God is My Antidepressant - 89
8.After the Pain, the Joy - 97

Epilogue: Footprints in the Sand - 103
Chronology of Events - 105

Part Two - Healing from Depression and Anxiety:
The Better Mood Recovery Program

9.What is Clinical Depression and How Do I Know If I have It? - 111
10. Introducing the Better Mood Recovery Program - 131

Week 1:   Setting The Intention to Heal - 141
Week 2:   Reaching Out for Support - 155
Week 3:   Physical Self-Care: Focusing on the Basics - 171
Week 4:   Antidepressants and Their Alternatives - 187
Week 5:   Cognitive Restructuring: Making Your Mind Your Friend - 207
Week 6:   Learning to Think Like an Optimist - 221
Week 7:   The Road to Self-Esteem - 231
Week 8:   Expanding Your Social Support - 249
Week 9:   The Healing Power of Spirit - 265
Week 10: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle - 283
Week 11: Stress and Pain Management - 303
Week 12: Relapse Prevention - 319
Week 13: Living in Recovery - 333

Part Three-Crisis Management and Other Important Issues

11. Therapeutic Interventions When Things Are Falling Apart - 345

-Hospitalization: When Is It Appropriate? - 346
-ECT: The Method of Last Resort - 347
-Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Magnetic Healing of the Brain- 351
-Vagus Nerve Stimulation - 352
-How to Cope With Suicidal Feelings in Yourself and Others - 353

12. Financially Surviving a Depressive Episode - 361
13. Managing Anxiety that Often Accompanies Depression - 365
14. When Someone You Love Is Depressed - 369

Afterword - 379

Appendix A: The Many Faces of Depression 381
Appendix B :How to Start a Healing From Depression Support Group in Your Area - 397
Appendix C: Resources for Wellness - 405

1) Healing On-line: Internet Sites for Depression and other Mood Disorders
2) Mental Health Advocacy and Consumer Organizations
3) Suicide Prevention Organizations
4) 12-Step/Recovery Groups
5) Associations of Mental Health Professionals
6) Telephone Prayer Ministries

Recommended Reading - 422
Credits - 431
About the Author - 432
Services Offered by Douglas Bloch - 433
Healing Books by Douglas Bloch - 434
Index - 435
And Still I Rise - 444

Personal Stories
Mark's Story: Exercise Makes the Difference - 175
Roger's Story: Finding the Right Medication -191
Andrea's Story: What Happens When You Can't Be Grateful? - 227
Diane's Story: Breaking the Silence - 243
Sherry's Story: Early Morning Telephone Angels - 259
Judith's Story: Calling Me - 267
Marie's Story: Overcoming Depression Through Right Employment - 287
Patricia's Story: I Am Grateful for the Little Things - 340

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